Grizzly mom directs her cub away from potential danger, off an island west of BC.Grizzly eating the sweet spring grass and roots growing in the estuary, BC.Coastal brown bears find the Fishing easy at Brooks Falls, AlaskaThe biggest coastal brown bear I've ever seen.Black bear having a quick salad near Stuart, BC.Black bear looking for mom, Waterton Park, ABPick a good spot and the fish will come to you. Grizzly/coastal brown bear, Brooks Falls, Alaska.Coastal bears catching the salmon on the journey back to the spawning grounds. AlaskaCoastal brown bears catching the fish desperately needed to get them through the winter hibernation.fishingbuddiesfishingcoma2Black-bear-with-mosquitoesfishingontherockfishonfluffyearsfuzzyearsgetsabraingameonbearmealGrizzly-coastal-brown-bearGrizzly-with-salmonJawsportrailoflifemistybearjmomandcubs6webmomandcubs7webGrizzly mom and cubs hear turns out to be 3 deer that make a quick escape from the area after they become aware of the bears.The fishing is easiest if you get to the fish spawning grounds.  This bear looks for fish that are full of eggs, the greatest energy source of the fish.onthehunt2To save time and limit competition, this bear picked this rock rather than shore to eat his fish This little cub was in a playful mood.  His mom was having none of it because she knew they were in an area where there were potentially too many other hungry bears.thedugouttheprizetreedhuggerbear.jpgWatson-Spririt-bearwebtreehugger2bear.jpgspiritbear3webbearclawwebGrizzly on the hunt for fish.A young grizzlybitewebtailtotellwebbearclawweb1bearbnwwebbearface2webchargeitwebmomandcubs5webtedsbearwebmomandbabygrizz2webmomandbabygrizzweb3littlebearsinthelogs